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Branded Content

Your product receives its own promotional post written by the B&B Staff in their own voice. It will be shared three times on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram over a 7 day period. The post will be featured on the front page of the Backroads and Burgers website and will be a “sponsor” for a blog post that week as well. You will only be charged 0.01 cent per view. At the end of the 7 day period, we will total the views from all the platforms and send you a bill. You have a choice in making this advertising last as long as you want to. A video ad can be added to this package that will be posted once on all the above platforms, for a one time fee of $25 plus travel, as we will film this video ad at your location. The views for this video cost the same as mentioned above.

​Tourism Photography Campaign

The majority of the time, this campaign can be a very affordable add-on to the above package. However, it can be done separately as well. The B&B Team will come to your event/location and take between 100 and 300 photographs. You will receive a hard copy of each picture as well as a DVD with digital copies. Travel and stay will be required within each packet as well as dinner/lunch. None of these pictures will be promoted on our platforms UNLESS this is an add-on to the above package.

Social Media Manager

If you simply don't have time to manage your social media accounts but want them to be active and constantly growing the B&B Staff can help! Our staff will post to your account at least every other day and will continue to build and grow your social media presence.

Social Media Classes

This highly qualified staff would love to come teach your group about getting the most from their social media accounts. Learn how to get new followers, develop marketable content, and more. Contact us with any questions.

Custom Tourism Packets

Tourism Campaign

Social Media Consultant

Creation, implementation, and promotion of social media accounts. Will build accounts, profiles, and build followers as well as teach employees how to maintain it. 

Custom Travel Consultancy and Itineraries

We are asked very often for help on where to stay, eat, and what to see in certain areas. We will gladly create a travel packet for you. Your custom packet will include a list of restaurants, historic and tourist sites, other things to see and do with hours, directions, and contact information within a city, county, or region.

These packets are created in order to promote a certain city, county, or region. The B&B Staff will come to your location and start compiling information. When completed, you will have a complete list of restaurants, hotels, shops, churches, tourist attractions, and each will have hours and contact information. There will also be a minimum of 150 pictures included in your packet. Price will be determined by the size of the location and how much time must be dedicated to the project.

The B&B Team will create campaigns for your event or location. There is no event location or event that is too small! Whether you have a festival in your town or want your city or community highlighted for the entire country to see, Backroads and Burgers can do it! In addition to covering your event or location, the B&B Staff will promote live on social media through FB, FB Live, Twitter, and Instagram (5x). Your event/location will then be promoted 3x on each platform over the next week, as well as be the front page of their website and the subject of their blog post. There is a flat rate for such a campaign and that figure will be determined by the length of the event, location, and amount of work that will be required. These campaigns will also be submitted to regional and national travel magazines and publications.

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