• Brandi Perry

10 Family Friendly Activities in Huntsville

1. U.S. Space and Rocket Center, One Tranquility Base, rocketcenter.com

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville is a museum operated by the government of Alabama, showcasing rockets, achievements, and artifacts of the U.S. space program. There are plenty of amazing activities and sites for adults and children of all ages.

2. Big Spring Park, 200 Church St. SW

Big Spring International Park is located in Downtown Huntsville. The park is built around its namesake "Big Spring", the original water source that the city of Huntsville was built around. The Huntsville Museum of Art and Von Braun Center are located in the park.

3. Downtown Walking Tours, Downtown Huntsville

There are so many cool tours in the downtown area that focus on everything from murals to coffee and of course the spectacular history of Huntsville. Additionally, there is a Craft Beer Trail and a Craft Coffee Trail if the adults need a little refreshment while exploring this amazing city.

4. Huntsville Havoc, Von Braun Center, huntsvillehavoc.com

The Huntsville Havoc is a professional hockey team that is part of the Southern Professional Hockey League. They were founded in 2004 and play all their home games in the innovative Von Braun Center where at maximum capacity, host 6,000 screaming fans! With a season that spans from December to May, there are plenty of times to watch these athletes in one of the most thrilling sports on the planet!

5. Madison County Nature Trail- Green Mountain, 5000 Nature Trail Road SE, madisoncountyal.gov

The Madison County Nature Trail is located on top of Green Mountain and is part of a 72-acre park. A 1.5-mile trail surrounds Sky Lake and visitors will have access to a covered bridge, picnic areas, and an open-air pavilion.

6. Rocket City Trash Pandas, 500 Trash Panda Way, trashpandasbaseball.com

The Trash Pandas will start their first season in Double-A South in May. The team is an affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels and will play their home games at Toyota Field. Minor League Baseball is known for their family-friendly promotional nights and this is sure to be a favorite family outing.

7. Huntsville Museum of Art, 300 Church St, SW. hsvmuseum.org

HMA sits in Big Spring Park within Downtown Huntsville and serves as a magnet for cultural activities. It was established on August 13, 1970

8. EarlyWorks Museum, 404 Madison St. SE, earlyworks.com

EarlyWorks Children’s Museum is designed for children as a hands-on, interactive history museum. So go ahead - touch, climb, pull, explore! Children between the ages of 2 and 9 will have the most fun at the museum. Toddlers enjoy Biscuit’s Backyard, a touch-and-learn area designated for preschoolers. Even a 10- or 11-year-old can have fun, especially if a younger sibling is along.

9. North Alabama Railroad Museum, 694 Chase Road, NE, northalabamarailroadmuseum.com

At the North Alabama Railroad Museum, you will find a facility reflecting a love of trains and a desire to preserve railroad history. The centerpiece of the museum features the Chase Depot, the smallest union depot in the country since it served more than one railroad when in service.

10. Huntsville Botanical Gardens, 4747 Bob Wallace Ave, hsvbg.org

This 112-acre botanical garden is open year-round and contains a diverse ecosystem of meadows, upland and bottomland forest, and wetlands, as well as a variety of specialty gardens and native plant collections. Every winter, they host the Galaxy of Lights where you will see Huntsville’s ingenuity through animated light displays.

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