• Brandi Perry

5 Restaurants you Must try in Huntsville

We recently had the coolest opportunity to visit Huntsville, Alabama and even though their entire city is on the up and up and flourishing in every area, their culinary scene is truly out of this world. Here are the 5 restaurants that you can’t visit Huntsville without trying!

1. Rhythm on Monroe, 700 Monroe St SW, Huntsville, AL www.vonbrauncenter.com

We don’t know where to even begin telling you about Rhythm on Monroe! This young restaurant is housed in the Von Braun Center and has everything from steaks to burgers, and even a charcuterie board. With a bar and heated outside seating on the roof and extensive indoor and outdoor seating downstairs, there is no issue with social distancing. We had the charcuterie board and white cheddar pimento and cheese for our appetizer, a steak and an amazing hamburger for our main meal, and a chocolate chess pie and citrus cheesecake for dessert. The hospitality shown by General Manager Stephen Ryberg was completely unmatched! Just next door to this incredible restaurant is the Mars Music Hall, which is completely astronomical. It draws national acts from around the country in an intimate but classic theater, making the entire Von Braun Center and all the events there, world-class.

2. 1892 East Restaurant and Tavern, 720 Pratt Ave NE, Huntsville, AL 1892east.com

This is absolutely the best brunch spot in the city. Located in the historic Five Points neighborhood, this gem combines traditional faire with eclectic and lively food combinations making this one of the most delicious and unique restaurants in the city. Their brunch menu features everything from soups and salads, eggs anyway yo

3. Honest Coffee Roasters, 114 Clinton Ave. E #106, Huntsville, AL honest.coffee/Huntsville.html

Often times it is hard to validate a coffee shop being one of the best restaurants in a city but it is not hard to put Honest Coffee Roasters on here. They serve a sensational breakfast and lunch complete breakfast sandwiches and acai bowls. One of our favorite things was the fact that they sold Mexican Cokes (Brandi’s fav). This is a special location that will make you feel as though you are just hanging out with old friends.

4. Purveyor, 201 Jefferson Street, Huntsville, AL purveyorhuntsville.com

Purveyor is Huntsville is definitely a world-class cooking experience that takes your meals and pairs them with wine, beer, and unique bourbons. Some of the wines they use are not found anywhere else in the entire state of Alabama. Located in The Avenue, their menu ranges from small plates that include braised short rib empanadas, to Miyazaki Wagyu beef, and ant kind of fish you can imagine. Even though their menu is not extensive, it is packed to the brim with flavors.

5. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, 2317 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL baddaddysburgerbar.com

You normally would not find a burger restaurant on a list of must-tries in a big city but let me go ahead and tell you, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is far from just a burger restaurant. They put the creativity into the hands of the eater! Anything you can imagine can be put onto the burger of your dreams! Their extensive list of artisan ingredients is unmatched to any other restaurants. However, they also have some of the most amazing burgers on their menu ready for you to choose them. Not a burger fan? No worries! Their appetizers, non-burger choices, and salads are on a totally different level for sure!

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