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Mark Visits George Dickel’s Tennessee Whisky

Today I had the chance to visit George Dickel Tennessee Whisky and learn a lot about the process used to make it.

George Dickel first made his “whisky” in 1870 using spring water and his own charcoal filtering process.

The tour of the facility was nothing short of incredible as I was able to see how the whisky is made.

The aging process is a big part of making the “whisky” as it’s called. Though many spell it whiskey, Dickel preferred the more traditional Irish way and used “whisky,” a name that has stuck for nearly 150 years.

I sampled 5 types of whisky at the Cascade Hollow Distilling Company, the home of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky.

The first type was corn whisky . It is a clear spirit. The variety I sampled is 91 proof and it has a sweeter taste.

The second type is there black label aged #8 whisky. It has a smooth smoky flavor. It is 80 proof and is a local favorite here in central Tennessee. It is aged for 5 to 7 years.

The third whisky I sampled is the #12. It is often referred to as Tennessee’s best whisky. It is an award winning recipe that takes 7 to 9 years to age. It is 90 proof and has a sweetness to it from the caramelization in the barrel. It is on the list of top whiskeys to try before you die.

The first whisky I tried today is called the barrel select. It is a small batch whisky that is 86 proof.

This particular product is only 2% of the company’s production and only about 25% of that leaves the state of Tennessee. It is aged 10 to 12 years and is the sweetest and highest quality whisky.

The fifth sample I had today is a relatively new product. It’s done and partnership with the Tabasco company. It is aged in barrels with pepper remnants of the manufacture of Tabasco from Louisiana. It is 70 proof, handmade and even has cane sugar in it. It has a sharp bite at first and then you taste the sugar. It’s said that it makes excellent Bloody Marys.

The trip to the distillery was very educational. The sampling at the end of the tour was a lot of fun. The ride into the countryside between Murfreesboro and Chattanooga was scenic. The distillery is located miles off the main highways, and the drive takes you on winding backroads.

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