• Brandi Perry

Rosewood Creations: Impacting Kansas One Creation at A Time

We were first introduced to Rosewood Services when we were visiting the amazing central Kansas city of Great Bend. Our first impression was how delicious their wine was, but it was not until we did a little research that we realized that Rosewood was impacting Kansas in so many ways.

Rosewood Services was founded in 1998 as an agency that “fostered independence, inclusion and productivity through education, work, recreation and housing for people with developmental disabilities.” They have done that and so much more!

Their services are true life changers for so many people in central Kansas. They are a fully licensed service provider for people with disabilities. They also do case management, individual and residential programs, have medical programs for their clients, engage their clients in employment training programs, encourage their clients to be involved in the community, and a life experience program where clients are offered a wide range of activities to participate in.

The Rosewood Creations include wine and furniture, both of which are the work of their special clients. As we mentioned before, our first introduction to Rosewood was their wine. We love having the opportunity to try wine from different parts of the country. We are fully convinced that wine takes on the tastes of where it is made, regardless of the basic ingredients. Each of their wines are named after their most memorable horses at Rosewood Ranch. Their wine list is very extensive and contains whites, reds, and blushes. There are ten whites, eighteen reds, and five blushes. We had the opportunity to taste whites and blushes and could not pick a favorite. The Wine Cellar in Downtown Great Bend makes visitors feel as though they have stepped back in time into a ranch out on the prairie. In addition to the delicious wines we mentioned above, they also sell specialty meats, jellies and honey, bath products, candles, horsehair pottery, and home décor. All the purchases here help to employ people with developmental disabilities. Interestingly enough, Rosewood Ranch has food products being grown and developed daily. In addition to having a honey bee farm, they also have an orchard that includes seven types of apples, and fruit trees with peaches, pears, cherries, nectarines, apricots, and plums. These fruits are used to produce the wine and other good sold in the retail locations. It is by far one of the most unique shopping experiences in all of Great Bend and a must visit when you are in town.

The Rosewood Furniture Gallery serves as both a manufacturing facility and a retail store. Their furniture is made with high quality wood and then sanded, stained, varnished, and assembled by Rosewood clients. The solid wood furniture pieces are beautiful and sold at remarkably good prices. They sell tables, chairs, dressers, desks, chests, cabinets, and many other pieces at their furniture gallery in Downtown Great Bend.

When we were first told what Rosewood Services did for those in the community of Great Bend, we could not wait to write about it and introduce it to others. When you make it to Kansas, take time to get to Great Bend and visit both of these amazing retail locations.

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