• Brandi Perry

Why Columbia needs to be your christmas Destination

For 47 weeks out of the year, Columbia is your typical small south Mississippi town. It’s 6000 residents enjoy a peaceful, slower pace of life with cruise-ins and festivals on Main Street, following local high school athletics, and enjoying a town where everybody knows each other. But, for 5 weeks at the end of the year, Columbia pulls out the red carpet and welcomes up to 30,000 locals and out-of-towners for a Christmas celebration only rivaled by Hallmark movies and big city shows. Nearly half a million lights dance to the music of popular Christmas songs while visitors ice skate on Second Street in the shadow of 25 foot Christmas tree that has more tricks than you can count.

The lingering smell of hamburgers, kettle corn, and other delicious snacks from a variety of vendors hangs over Main Street long after the last patron has left. If you missed the opening weekend in Columbia, have absolutely no fear! There is plenty of time to enjoy the magic! Every weekend from now until the first weekend in January will include a theme, vendors, ice skating, trolley rides, and even Grinch Train rides! The last night, January 4, will also include a fireworks display that can only be compared to those found at Disney! The Honey Island Clydesdales will also be making appearances in Columbia December 20-21! The price of the event itself is free but the special events within the event do cost.

For ice skating, the skate rental is $4 and it will cost $9/hour to skate. If you aren’t a skating wiz, skate walkers are also available! The Grinch Train ride cost $5, a ride on the Columbia Trolley is $5, and the Tram ride is $5. All these tickets can be bought at Santa’s Workshop, at the corner of Second and Main! Santa’s Workshop has literally everything!! Snacks, drinks, light up toys, t-shirts, and even SANTA!!! If you can’t wait until next weekend to experience Christmas in Columbia, every night starting at 7pm-11pm, the downtown light shows will be happening every hour on the hour. Outside of all the pomp and circumstance, one of the most endearing and special aspects of this Christmas celebration is all the smiles from kids and adults alike and old friends meeting up after not seeing each other for years. For just a few hours every night, everything is right with the world. We hope to see you soon!

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